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Texture Pack UIPack Desert 1.13
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Texture Pack UIPack Desert 1.13

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Technology progress does not stand still and now a lot of devices are developed with a full-screen display for more comfort and a much better experience. The Minecraft PE creators try to please all its fans, so a texture pack suitable for these devices is now available. Even if it’s at the stage of a beta project, Texture Pack UIPack Desert will change your entire MCPE world for the better.

How does Texture Pack UIPack Desert work

Texture Pack UIPack Desert is a pack optimized for full-screen devices, making everything in your world look more vibrant and pleasing.
The design of the textures was fully modified, touching even the smallest details.

The card designed was also subject to changes.

Also were the MCPE animations!

The creator also didn’t forget about the dark time in Minecraft Bedrock for full HD devices. The dark mode will make the Texture Pack UIPack Desert look much better during the night (use the separate download button below the article).

If you use a full-screen device for playing Minecraft, take advantage of Texture Pack UIPack Desert by downloading it using the button below and do not forget about the dark mode!
If you have friends using such devices, recommend them this texture pack and leave feedback to let us know about your opinion regarding it.
For other cool textures, as well as mods, maps, and skins, visit our website. Here you will also find full information and downloads for the latest MCPE versions.

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