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Texture Pack Project | Hollow Knight 1.13
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Texture Pack Project | Hollow Knight 1.13

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Texture Pack Project | Hollow Knight will make a very nice supplement to any Minecraft PE user who also appreciates the Hollow Knight action-adventure game.

How does Texture Pack Project | Hollow Knight work

Initially, the creator of this texture pack created is as a personal graphical user interface but later, when he realized that other Hollow Knight fans might like it, decided to improve it and to share it with the world.
The textures will replace the existing Minecraft theme with a Hollow Knight one.
Recently, the pack was subject to a major update.
All the diamond tools and the diamond ore now have the texture of dream tools and dream ore. The diamond was replaced with a dream shard.
Another interesting feature is that the swords are now called:
  • Shelwood nail
  • Old nail
  • Coiled nail
  • Golden nail
  • Dream nail

If you would like to try the present texture pack, download it by clicking on the button below the article, tell your Minecraft friends about it and leave feedback.
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