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Texture Pack Paper Cut-Out 1.11
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Texture Pack Paper Cut-Out 1.11

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Texture Pack Paper Cut-Out might be the most unusual textures you ever tried in Minecraft. The 16x16 pack reminds of the cut-out figures we used to love when we were kids.

Features of Textures Paper Cut-Out

Texture Pack Paper Cut-Out has a 16x16 resolution. It looks way different from other texture packs due to the fact that most of the blocks, mobs, and items have a cut-out design reminding of the pop-up children’s books. The pack lacks a lot of unnecessary details, thus making it look very simple but at the same time attractive and unusual.
The latest blocks subjected to updating in Texture Pack Paper Cut-Out are the barrels, the bamboo, the bell, the campfire, the cartography table, the composter and others.

Note: These textures work only on Minecraft PE 1.11 and later versions. You can read detailed information and download any game versions here.
If you are ready to apply Texture Pack Paper Cut-Out, download it by clicking on the button below, share with your friends and leave feedback.
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