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Texture Pack April Fool’s 2018 1.10
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Texture Pack April Fool’s 2018 1.10

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Texture Pack April Fool’s 2018 represent an almost exact copy of the prank with the same thematic developed for Minecraft Java Edition in 2018. Since the prank had a fantastic success among Minecraft players, it was decided to create a similar texture pack for the Bedrock edition users.

Features of Textures Pack April Fool’s 2018

The textures affect absolutely everything (from blocks, items, and entities to the main menu and the status effects) that used to be affected in the Java Edition of April Fool’s.
Note: Textures developed later than January 2018 are not included in the resource pack.

If you are ready to have some fun and enjoy April to the end, download Texture Pack April Fool’s 2018 by clicking the button below, tell your friends and leave feedback.
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