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Texture Pack Monochromatic 1.10
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Texture Pack Monochromatic 1.10

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We all have wondered at least once what it would be like to live in a world without colors. Now you have the chance to taste this feeling with Texture Pack Monochromatic. This pack is meant to erase bright colors from your Minecraft game.

How does Texture Pack Monochromatic work

Do not think that your gameplay with this texture pack will be different only by the lack of colors in it. Playing in a black and white world involves challenges like difficulties in seeing mobs from a big distance and differentiating ores from one another, but we think that you are an adventurous enough person and will not hesitate to accept the challenge. You are going to face mainly monochromatic items, mobs, blocks, etc. Even the tropical fish is going to be spawned in black and white. But, in order to bring at least some vibrancy to your Minecraft world, this texture pack offers several spots of color. For example, the mobs will still turn red in case they are killed and the seagrass from your menu still has a green color. You will also spot color nuances in the horizon line, in the nether, and in the portal from the end to the end cities. The lighting will also have a very mild, yellowish color.

If you decided that you are ready to try playing in a monochromatic world, go on and install the present texture pack by clicking the button below and tell your friends about it. You are also welcome to leave feedback.
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