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Texture Pack Newb-SL Shader 1.17
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Texture Pack Newb-SL Shader 1.17

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It has been a while since we haven’t presented any new Textures, but today we have decided that it would be nice to give you the chance to make your world better with a pack designed for the latest game versions (Minecraft PE 1.17 and above). This is Texture Pack Newb-SL Shader. Read this article to the end to find out about its features.

Features of Textures Newb-SL Shader

This shader will improve the following:
  • The sky. It will become brighter and more realistic
  • Clouds. They will seem softer and their color will depend on the weather
  • Lighting. Not only the torches and other light sources will have a smoother light, but all the natural light will be softer
    Texture Pack Newb-SL Shader 1.17

  • Waters. Their color will be modified according to the biome and their texture will be more realistic. The underwater environment will become much better too.

  • Wavy animations. The leaves, grass, crops, and other vegetation will move in the wind in a very realistic way
  • Lanterns. All lanterns will swing in the wind, this being a unique feature compared to other shaders
  • Horizon. The horizon line will be covered in a mysterious fog, this making the world look deeper and more beautiful. The fog level is adaptable.
  • Rain. When it rains, the lanterns will shake with more power, clouds will become thicker, the ground will become wet and the wind will blow stronger

  • Entities. All entities will have an outline this making them look more detailed and their details will become more visible when it rains
  • Sun and Moon. These celestial bodies will have a 3D design and will look absolutely spectacular. The moon will even get modified according to its natural phases.

  • Nether. The environment in this dimension will be wavy to reflect the high temperatures and the heat coming from the lava
  • End. The sky in the End dimension will have a very cool animated spiral this making the environment here somehow chaotic, but really spectacular

If the pictures and descriptions above did not convince you yet, watch the video trailer below. This is how your world can look like by applying this shader pack.
We must remind you that all the downloads on our website are free, so you can try any of them, share them with your friends and enjoy the opportunities they have to offer without having to worry about anything.
Visit us on a regular basis and besides a lot of free surprises like the one described in this article, we will keep you informed about all the news related to Minecraft Bedrock! Have fun!

Video Trailer of Texture Pack Newb-SL Shader

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