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Texture Pack Lumatric Shader 1.16
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Texture Pack Lumatric Shader 1.16

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Only a day ago we talked about Texture Pack Enlight Shader, but if for some reason you did not like it or you are using a low-end device that does not support it, we have an alternative for you and this is Texture Pack Lumatric Shader.

Features of Textures Lumatric Shader

Like we already mentioned, this pack was designed to fit low-end devices but we assure you that its quality and features do not suffer because of this. Thus, install it and your gaming world will become more beautiful due to the shader’s features which are:
  • More vibrant world colors
  • Better torches
  • Rotating sun and moon
  • 3D clouds
  • Waving plants and waters
  • Realistic fog
  • Water transparency
  • Improved mob, star, water, and banner colors
  • Smooth shadows
  • Improved Nether environment

Texture Pack Lumatric Shader 1.16

Like in the case of the previously presented shader pack, you should install Minecraft PE 1.16 or a newer game version to be able to use the present one.
To download the texture pack, click on the button below the article, share it with all your friends, and leave feedback.
For other cool MCPE-related articles, check our website and make sure you don’t miss the one about Minecraft PE 1.17.0 because this is the grandest release of this year. Have fun!

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