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Seed Rivermeet 1.7
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Seed Rivermeet 1.7

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Seed Rivermeet will bring you an ability to explore great islands, surrounded by different rivers. Each island has its own features, so check all of them and find the best for you!

What's interesting in seed Rivermeet

The key feature of this seed is that you appear in the point, surrounded by water. There’re islands in all the directions. So you’ll have a chance to choose one!
Get the Seed Rivermeet for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.7 for Android

Whatever you choose, you’ll have to overcome water barrier and find the way to climb on the seaside of each island. There’re different interesting places on each of the islands, so you’ll have an opportunity to spend a lot of time in discovering new grounds and finding interesting places.
Each of five rivers also has its own features. Few of them are dangerous, because of whirlpools, where you’ll likely get drown. The other are calm and peaceful, so you’ll be able to swim in them and get sunbaths on the beaches near them.
You’ll also be able to find the double lake, which will lead you to the ocean! It’s situated on one of the islands and your aim is to find this location!
Get the Seed Rivermeet for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.7 for Android from our website and play with your friends! Don’t forget to check Mods, Skins and Maps sections for useful features for Minecraft PE! Leave feedback and have fun!

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