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Addon Peepss Furniture 1.16
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Addon Peepss Furniture 1.16

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We hope you like experimenting with the interior design of your home because Addon Peepss Furniture brings a nice kit of modern furniture, domestic appliances, and even Halloween-themed costumes to decorate your armor stands.

Features of addon Peepss Furniture

The addon brings the following objects:
  • Colored PC cases
    Addon Peepss Furniture 1.16

  • Fridge (the player can interact with it)
  • Stove

  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Bottom and top Kitchen Cabinets (the player can interact with them)

  • PC table with cabinets that can be placed however the player wants to. Its design can be modified in many ways.

  • Different sized tables
  • Personal Computer and Monitor (the player can interact with them)

  • Toilet (the player can interact with it)
  • Sink

  • TV set
  • Ceiling lamp
  • Plates
  • Blender
  • Room flower

  • Little Trophy

  • Mailbox (the player can interact with it)
  • Path of stones
  • Different colored chairs

  • Different colored armchairs (the player can interact with them)

  • Gaming chair

  • Different colored couches (the player can interact with them and modify their design)

  • Halloween pumpkin costume (the player can interact with it)

  • Grave
  • Fairy wings that can decorate 3D armor stands
  • Demon wings that can decorate 3D armor stands

  • Steel ores, armor, and pick

  • Black steel ores, armor, and pick

  • Witch hat and broom

Some of the above-listed objects can be obtained by commands as shown in the picture below.

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Important! To be able to use this and other mods featured on our website, we recommend you to install one of the latest game versions.
Have fun!

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    20 November 2020 21:33
    idk what to say only this mod is amazing
    3 March 2021 02:18
    Why can't I find any of these things
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