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Addon Rotten Creatures 1.16
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Addon Rotten Creatures 1.16

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Addon Rotten Creatures, created by Petergamer XD was developed having a java mod as a base. Even if the current addon brings fewer monsters than the original mod, we assure you will have a great time learning about their features and trying to confront them.

Features of addon Rotten Creatures

Install this addon, and the next monsters will spawn in your Minecraft PE world:
  • Mummies spawning in desert biomes. While attacking, mummies have beetles coming out of their mouths, and thus the player is being attacked not only by the source but also by a multitude of annoying little creatures.
    Addon Rotten Creatures 1.16

  • Rotten Eskimos spawning in snowy biomes. In case the Eskimo has a spear in his hand, be aware because it can be really fast and aggressive. The ones without spears are slower but don’t relax too much because they are usually accompanied by a wild wolf that is also very aggressive towards the players.

  • Swampies spawning in swamps. These muddy creatures attack players with poison and give them a blinding effect. Upon death, swampies transform into a poisonous cloud.

  • Frostbittens spawning in snowy biomes. These monsters have the ability to walk on water and freeze players. Upon death, they drop frozen meat that can give the player many harmful effects like weakness, slowness, and hunger. If cooked, this meat can be turned into zombie meat.

  • Undead Miners spawning in caves. There are four variations of these mobs:
    • Undead Miners A spawn holding diamond pickaxes and drop valuable loot upon death
    • Undead Miners B spawn holding iron pickaxes and also drop good loot, but not as valuable as the A miners
    • Undead Miners C is the most modest miner spawning with a wooden pickaxe. Their drops are not so valuable.
    • Undead Miners M are the rarest of all, but they drop really exclusive stuff and they look totally different compared to the rest of the undead miners.

    Dear MCPE players, if you want to welcome the above-described creatures into your world, make sure you have installed one of the latest game versions (at least Minecraft PE 1.16) and hit the download button below.
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