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Addon More Stuff! 1.14
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Addon More Stuff! 1.14

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We are sure you will agree that Addon More Stuff! Is one of the best addons of this kind, because the amount of new chests, backpacks, foods, drinks, guns, and swords is simply fantastic.

Features of addon More Stuff!

Available Guns and accessories:

Below you can see the available guns plus bullets, gun parts, and medication kits. To craft them, you will have to use steel ingots that can be easily found in caves or by mining.

Choose the required gun parts and bullets to load your guns. While holding an empty gun, right-click or long-press and you will get a tip about what kind of bullets you should use (see pictures below)

Available Chests:

Jewelry. To be able to lock and unlock it, you will have to tame this chest and it will become invisible to the rest of the players.

Addon More Stuff! 1.14

Safe. This chest works just like the previous one, but it is safer because other players cannot break it with their crowbars.

Locked Chest. This chest is rather safe too, but the players who have keys may unlock it.

Treasure. These chests spawn naturally but are rare.

Composter. This chest is more effective than the custom Bedrock composter.

Trash. Using this chest, you can get read of the unwanted items or blocks.

Driver. This is a very handy chest because it follows its owner wherever he/she goes.

As an addition to the chests, you will obtain some tools that will help you break, tame, lock, and unlock them:
Multi-purpose tools

Available Backpacks:

Here is how the backpacks are crafted:

If you want to use a backpack, you should tame it using a chest first.

When you succeed, you will be able to lock your backpack.

You can also experiment with your backpack’s color by using dyes.

Available Swords:





Phantom Membrane




Lapis Lazuli



Ender Stone


Available Food:



Pizza Slices

Chicken Soup

Bread Slices


Coffee Beans

Available Drinks:




We are sure you want to try this amazing addon, so click on the download button below the article, share it with all your Bedrock friends, and leave feedback.
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