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Addon Water Element 1.14
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Addon Water Element 1.14

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Today we will introduce a very strong elemental from another popular game called Warcraft. This elemental is a water creature led by Neptulon and it will be of much help in defeating your in-game enemies. This powerful creature is brought by Addon Water Element.

Features of addon Water Element

The Water element brought by this addon will be always on your side, even if you try to kill it. Its task is to attack all the known monsters and protect the villages. It will do it by using strong water spears with an attack damage of six.

In case the Water Element is surrounded by more than four monsters, its attack damage will increase to eight and it will kill them all.
Even if the Water Element gets killed, it will produce a final explosion in order to destroy all the remaining monsters.

To introduce this mighty water creature, use command /summon alex:water_element or look for its spawn egg in your Creative inventory.

To make sure you can use the present addon, make sure you have installed one of the latest game versions, Minecraft PE 1.14 being the earliest one suitable.
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