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Addon MCBE Plus 1.16
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Addon MCBE Plus 1.16

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Addon MCBE Plus created by Fake IsnO is very interesting and complex. It brings a lot of mobs with special features, valuable blocks, useful weapons, and several delicious sweet foods.

Features of addon MCBE Plus

The addon brings the following Mobs:
The Mummy. This mob can be of two kinds: red and green. It is usually found in the desert biome. They are not that strong but some can inflict the player with poison.

The Butterfly. These innocent mobs just fly around all the biomes.

The Swamp Monster. As its name suggests, it spawns in swamps. It can inflict the player with a slowness effect.

The Rockback. These cute mobs can spawn both on the ground and underground. They can be of two kinds. To breed them, give them coal.

The Nautilus lives in the ocean. Upon death, it drops ink sacs and shells.

The Land Walker can only be obtained by using the /summon isno:land_walker command.

The Zombie Brute. This mob is much bigger that the ordinary Zombie.

And now, let’s talk about the new Blocks:
Copper Ores can be transformed into ingots and blocks of copper. You can find them under the ground.

Black Stones. These stones can also be found under the ground. When mining, they drop dark cobblestones.

Mossy Stones. These stones can also be found under the ground, but only in the jungle biome.

Amethyst Ores and Saphire Ores. These beautiful ores are very rare and are used for trading.

Dragonite Ores are also very rare ores. You can transform them into ingots.

This addon also includes many useful Weapons:
The Hammer. This tool, compared to the ordinary Sword, brings more damage but on the other side, it is less durable (see recipes below)

Copper Weapons. There is almost no difference between these and iron weapons. You may only notice that they are slightly less durable.

Molten Weapons. You won’t believe it, but they are more durable and dangerous than the netherite weapons. To craft them, use Obsidian Rods (see recipe below)

As we already mentioned, the addon brings some Foods as a bonus. These are:
Caramelized Sugar (see recipe below)
Addon MCBE Plus 1.16

Sweet Candies. By eating these candies, you will get a haste and a speed effect, but only for one minute.

Candy Apples. The apples have the same effects as the above-mentioned product, but it lasts for one minute and a half.

Gold Candy Apples. These yummy-looking apples are just like gold apples but also give the player a haste effect and a speed effect.

Enchanted Gold Apples offer haste and speed in addition to having the features of the enchanted apples we all know. Look for them in the same places as for the ordinary enchanted apples.

Important! To be able to use this addon, enable Experimental Gameplay and install one of the latest game versions (Minecraft PE 1.16 or above).
If you are ready to try this fantastic addon, hit the download button below the article, share it with all your MCPE friends, and leave feedback.
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