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Addon Elephants & Hippo 1.16
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Addon Elephants & Hippo 1.16

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Thanks to Addon Elephants & Hippo you can add these two grand beasts to your Minecraft PE world. They will make your savanna, desert oases, and other biomes that have rivers more vibrant and interesting.

Features of addon Elephants & Hippo

Like you already understood from the addon’s name, it will bring you two great animals: elephants and hippos.

The elephants:

Elephants are the largest land-living mammals in the world. They will spawn in desert oases and savanna plateaus. Even if they look cute, we must warn you that they are aggressive towards players. If you want to try and tame one, you have chances to succeed, but only adult elephants. They can be tamed just as MCPE horses. If you are lucky and made it, we recommend you to saddle your elephant. Gold armor is just as suitable as any other horse saddle. Moreover, it will reduce the fall damage and will not let you get hurt as a result of melee attacks. If required, you can heal the elephant using apples, melons, and/or wheat.

The hippos:

Hippos are the second largest mammals living on our planet. The ones brought by this addon spawn naturally in almost all the biomes that have rivers. Unfortunately, they cannot be tamed but you can help them breed by feeding them with potatoes, beetroots, and/or carrots. Unlike the elephants, the hippos are friendly towards all the mobs and players. The only mobs they are aggressive to are the drowned.

If you want to add these two amazing animals to your world, click on the download button, share the article with other players, and leave feedback.
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