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Addon M Functions Pack v1.3.7 1.13
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Addon M Functions Pack v1.3.7 1.13

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If you like getting abilities and useful items without making too much effort for this, Addon M Functions Pack v1.3.7 is exactly what you need. It adds a fantastic number of commands and crafting recipes to help you obtain what you need just by typing letters.

Features of addon M Functions Pack v1.3.7

By installing this addon, you will discover a lot of commands that will help you get useful items, for example, wood, stone, gold, iron, or diamond equipment, and starter packs for playing in Survival.
Addon M Functions Pack v1.3.7 1.13

You can also summon a lot of different mobs by typing the necessary command. For example, you can spawn electrocuted creepers, zombie villagers, baby animals (bears, turtles, foxes, and more).

You won’t believe it, but you can even use a command to activate and deactivate the player’s flying abilities.

There are a lot of useful commands that you can use in Survival to have an easy experience. For example, by typing the required commands you can increase your amount of XP, freeze all the mobs around you, teleport to the end of the map, and more.
The crafting recipes will help you create simple and end portals, mob eggs, saddles, name tags, XP bottles, totems of undying, barriers, golden and diamond horse armors, tridents, hearts of the sea, elytra, minecarts, monster spawners, lava cauldrons, lava, water, balloons, light, jigsaw, slime balls, bubble columns, wither roses and more.

And this is not all. The addon also brings commands for spawning entire structures like a PVP arena, a house, an enormous TNT, a Japanese-styled PVP arena, a Viking Town, and even Planet Earth.

In addition to everything mentioned above, you will discover that you can add an incredible number of different comics and the most popular characters, for example, Goku, Papyrus the Skeleton, Bart Simpson, Super Mario, and others.

If you like dragons, there is a very big variety of them that you can spawn using commands too.

To see more of the addon’s features, we recommend you to watch the video trailer below the article.
To make sure the addon works properly, make sure to:
  • Enable Experimental Gameplay
  • Enable Activate Cheats
  • Enable Education Edition

If you want to install and start using all this crazy number of useful commands, hmodsit the download button, share the article with your friends and leave feedback.
For more mods, visit our website. Here you will also find many other interesting MCPE-related articles, including the latest game versions, Minecraft PE being the newest one. Have fun!

Video Trailer of Addon M Functions Pack v1.3.7

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