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Addon Arkcraft 1.14
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Addon Arkcraft 1.14

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We could talk about Addon Arkcraft for hours because it adds a fantastic number of new features, including dozens and dozens of new creatures, some of them being dangerous and some mild and helpful.

Features of addon Arkcraft

Like we already told you, the list of new items and mobs is very, very long, so, instead of spending your time describing all of them, we will talk only about the most important ones, letting you discover the rest individually. In our opinion, this will be more productive and interesting for you.

New blocks:

By installing the present addon, you will discover many new amazing blocks among which:
Metal plates

Red Paste

Hyperreality Lapis Lazuli

Improved Stones

Metal and Tek Structures

We must mention that some of the blocks are difficult to break, so you might need explosives or even something stronger.

New items:

Some of the items are beneficial to the player’s health, some of them can be used to mount mobs, etc. Some of them are:
Escargot Slimes
Addon Arkcraft 1.14

Mammoth Mount

Oil Gallon


Cement Paste


Helicoprion Teeth

New entities:

All the new entities have individual features. Some of them are very hostile towards the players and other mobs. Some are good and the player can tame, mount, and ask them for protection. Some of the most noticeable ones are:
The Hesperornis


Ovis Aries


Daeodon Boss

Healer Daeodon



Thorny Dragon


Different leaches, some bad, some good


We are sure you want to discover the rest of this amazing addon’s features, so hurry and hit the download button below, share the article with your friends and leave feedback.
Important! In order to be able to use Addon Arkcraft, you have to enable Experimental Gameplay and to have installed Minecraft 1.14 or any of the other later game versions.
If you want to try more mods, maps, and other interesting MCPE articles with free download buttons, visit our website. Have fun!

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