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Addon Chocobo Expansion 1.14
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Addon Chocobo Expansion 1.14

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Addon Chocobo Expansion brings a totally new and interesting creature called Chocobo. This is a huge bird coming in several variants, each of them having an individual color and features. In addition to these fantastic creatures, you will also meet some Mog Vendors and will have the chance to try some new soups with beneficial effects.

Features of addon Chocobo Expansion


Like we already told you, all the Chocobo birds have individual features, but first, let us tell you about the general ones. You will be able to tame them by giving them a special fruit (we will tell you how to obtain it later) called gysahi. To make them breed, use red gyashi. To make them follow you, use gyashi of the same color as the Chocobo. To heal them, use green gyashi.
And now, let us tell you what kinds of Chocobo birds you will meet:
  • Green Chocobos spawn mainly in the jungle.
  • White Chocobos spawn in cold and icy biomes
  • Yellow Chocobos spawn in the plains
  • Red Chocobos spawn in Mesa biomes. They are more difficult to tame, but it is worth it because they can jump up to twenty-two blocks and give its owner resistance to fire. They are also able to use the Nether portal.
  • Blue Chocobos spawn in the ocean and are able to walk and run on the surface of the water, but unfortunately, they get fall-damage.

Mog Traders

These are the guys that can sell you gyashi fruit. You can find them in plains and savanas. If you want to, you can domesticate them too. For this, you will need a diamond gil (you can get gils from witches, pillagers, skeletons, illager vindicators, zombies, or zombie pigmans in the loot table). There are five kinds of Mog Traders: pink, blue, orange, white, and green mog traders.


These soups are meant to amplify the benefic effects of the gyashi fruits. There are six available variations:
  • Green soup offers a speed effect for fifteen minutes
  • Red soup offers resistance to fire for the same time period
  • White soup offers the possibility to see during nighttime
  • Yellow soup offers a slow-down when falling
  • Blue soup offers the possibility to breathe underwater
  • Curry offers regeneration for four-five seconds.

Important! To be able to use the described-above addon, make sure to enable Experimental and to have installed one of the latest MCPE versions (the earliest one suitable for it is Minecraft Bedrock 1.14). The creator also recommends making a copy of your existing world, because this addon is a beta and anything might happen when it comes to betas.
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