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Addon Cactus 1.14
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Addon Cactus 1.14

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Get ready to draw in a world full of cacti provided by Addon Cactus. You will have the chance to fight with a cactus sword, build with cactus bricks, fight a cactus creeper, and much more.

Features of addon Cactus

By installing this addon, you will have the chance to craft the following things:
Cactus fruits

Cactus stones
which can be used to decorate your MCPE worlds

Cactus Bricks which have the same purpose as the stones mentioned above

Cactus Brick Blocks are a little bit more difficult to craft but represent a more sophisticated decorative element

Cactus Sticks that can be used as ordinary sticks

Cactus Swords! Surprise your enemies with a green colored sword that brings a damage of six.

Cactus Diamonds. You will need several of these for the crafting recipe below.

Cactus Battleaxes are stronger than swords and definitely look more effective. They bring a damage of eleven.

Cactus Cakes is a very pretty and nutritious food. It has the ability to regenerate two hunger points.

Cactus Planks, just like the stones and the bricks, can be used for decoration.

In addition to the above-listed crafting recipes, the present addon gives us the possibility to meet three new mobs:
The Cactus Creeper which drops cacti upon death

Cactoni which does nothing, except making us smile

The Cactus Spider which usually spawns in desert biomes.

If you are ready for such a big amount of cacti in your MCPE world, click on the download button below, share the article with your friends, and leave feedback.
For other new and interesting mods, visit our website. Here you will also find the latest game versions, including Minecraft PE 1.14 which is the earliest one suitable for the addon presented above. Have a great time!

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