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Addon ReTold – Minecraft Story Mode 1.13
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Addon ReTold – Minecraft Story Mode 1.13

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Addon ReTold – Minecraft Story Mode is a fantastic addon giving us the chance to face a long list of new and dangerous mobs and to work with some great new blocks.

Features of addon ReTold – Minecraft Story Mode

First of all, we must tell you that this addon comes in two variants: the first one has pixel inconsistency and the second does not (see pictures below) and decide which one is more suitable for you.
Variant 1

Variant 2

Now, let us reveal the addon’s features. We will start with the new mobs:

Prison Golems

Prison Zombies

Prison Slimes

Angry Dogs

Ice Spiders

End Ice Creepers

Ice Golems

Ice Boss Golems

Giant Endermen

Prismarine Foes

Giant Ghasts

Prismarine Collossuses

Wither Storms with four stages of development.

And now it’s time to learn about the blocks:
Prismarine Blocks

Addon ReTold – Minecraft Story Mode 1.13

Prismarine Runes

Baked Clay Blocks and Bricks

Dark Cobblestones

Smooth Dark Stones

Ice Tiles

Ice Lanterns

The addon also brings new armor for you to try. To get one, tap and hold its specific item.

Important! To be able to use the described-above addon, make sure you enable Experimental Gameplay.
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