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Addon BetterBears Project 1.13
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Addon BetterBears Project 1.13

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You are lucky you visited our website today, because we have an awesome addon for you to check. This is Addon BetterBears Project which brings new kinds of bears and improves the existing ones. Spare some time for it because it’s so interesting, you won’t be able to get away from it for many hours.

Features of addon BetterBears Project

Available bears:

  • Black bears
  • Grizzly bears
  • Polar bears
  • Gray bears
  • Pandas

As you have probably already noticed, the first two ones, that are black and grizzly bears are new to Minecraft PE, but the behavior and appearance of the old ones were modified too, so they are all like brand new mobs.
The black and grizzly bears can be found in taigas and jungle forests.

Wild Bears

The players can tame the available bears, but until then, they are considered wild. Grown-up wild bears pick up food and eat it, but don’t drop anything upon death now.

Besides eating, they sleep, walk, and sit all day.

Addon BetterBears Project 1.13

Untamed bears are aggressive only towards ravagers, illagers, vexes, and fish. As you can see from the pictures, their eyes become red with anger when an enemy is nearby.

The grown-up wild bears have a health of 30. The player can help baby bears grow and become strong too by feeding them with fish, cooked fish, wild berries, or honeycombs (this is available for tamed bears too).

Bear Taming Process

And now let’s talk about the bear taming process. First of all, note that baby bears cannot be tamed. You will have to help them grow first and we already told you how to do this. The adult bears can be tamed with cookies. In case the adult has a baby, its appearance will change too. The baby will look like a tamed bear, but it won’t follow or protect you.
All the tamed bears have a health of sixty and they will attack any mob that is aggressive to you.

The pet bears look very cute. They wear collars and you will have the possibility to dye these colors as you like.

You can order them to sit or stand (by crouching) and they will do this only at your command.
You can also saddle and ride them. For this, order them to sit and after to stand.
The creator of this addon paid special attention to the saddles by giving them a special texture that gets modified every time the bear sleeps.
If required, you can heal the tamed bears. For this, you can use apples, beef, bread, chicken, clownfish, cooked, chicken, and fish.
You can also leash your tamed bear, but be careful, because when leashed, there is a possibility that they might get stolen.


And now let us talk separately about the pandas because the creator worked on these guys with special attention.

By installing this addon, you will discover that the pandas look slightly different from the pandas we are already familiar with.
Baby pandas, just like the rest of the bears, can be helped to grow. For this, you can use cookies, apples, or bamboo. When they become adults, their menu gets wider and the player can tempt them with cooked fish, bread, sweet berries, sugar canes, honeycombs, eggs, sugar, melons, and cake in addition to the already mentioned foods.

Pandas like to sleep most of the time. They don’t wake up even if the weather is awful or mobs are around them.

The only thing that does not let a panda sleep is its aggressive or worried state. They look aggressive each time they get hit by a mob or by the player.

Panda bears, like the above-described tamed bears, can be leashed too.
We are sure you want to meet all the bears we described above as soon as possible, so do not lose any more time. Click on the download button and install the addon, because they are already waiting for you.
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