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Coronavirus in Minecraft PE
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Coronavirus in Minecraft PE

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Before introducing you to Addon Coronavirus and Addon CoronaVirus Prevention Advices Pack and enlisting their features, let us make clear several facts about them: the creator of the first addon developed it just for fun and in no way he intended to underestimate this serious topic, so please do not take it too seriously. Coronavirus is a very timely and sensitive topic, but the addon might have the power to make us all unwind a bit and forget for at least a little while about the seriousness of this issue.
The second addon is a pack of advice to prevent you from getting infected. These tips will appear on your menu screen and while your MCPE worlds are loading.

How does addon Coronavirus and Addon CoronaVirus Prevention Advices Pack

Addon Coronavirus

The virus can be obtained through a spawn egg, but it also generates from dead bats, and if you will take such a corpse and place it in any spot of a village, it will spread all over the place, affecting not only the players, but also the villagers, iron golems, and snow golems.

If you don’t want to be affected by Coronavirus, use a special kit obtainable thanks to the command /function kit. The kit includes a spray and a face mask.

Addon CoronaVirus Prevention Advices Pack

As soon as you install this addon, you will start receiving tips on how to avoid getting infected and how not to get influenced by the massive panic, for example, “Wash your hands !” and “Don’t touch your face”. The messages will appear on your menu screen, while your worlds are loading. These tips won’t interfere with your gameplay. On the contrary, they will help you to stay calm and will remind you of some necessary rules to avoid getting sick.

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