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Addon Hello Neighbor 1.13
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Addon Hello Neighbor 1.13

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If you already tried Map Hello Neighbor and Map Hello Neighbour in Minecraft Part 2, you are probably already familiar with the featured characters. Addon Hello Neighbor brings two of them into your Minecraft PE world. As a matter of fact, it is recommended to use this addon together with one of the above-mentioned maps for max fun!

How does addon Hello Neighbor work

As soon as you download and launch the present addon, two characters from the popular map will be introduced into your world: the neighbor and Mr. Eggman.

They are going to spawn and walk around like any other ordinary mob, but as soon as you approach them, they will start running after you in an attempt to catch you.
These characters are also rather aggressive towards monsters and villagers too.
To have fun running away from these two cool guys, you will have to enable Survival.
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We recommend you try Minecraft PE 1.16.0 which is the freshest game version bringing a lot of updates to the mysterious Nether and being suitable for the addon presented above. Have fun!

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