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Addon Show HP MOD 1.13
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Addon Show HP MOD 1.13

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Addon Show HP MOD is a very handy and useful tool allowing Minecraft PE users to monitor the HP of different mobs in their worlds.

How does addon Show HP MOD work

This addon makes it possible for the player to see the health bar of any mob when approaching it, as simple as that. Just get near the mob that interests you, and its HP bar will be displayed. Take a look at the pictures below to see the HP bar of a pig, a sheep, and a cow.

The addon is also helpful due to the fact that it displays the HP bar of the player’s tamed mob, for example, the wolf. Thus, the player will always know when his/her pet needs to be healed in case of.

If you want to use Addon Show HP MOD, click on the button below, share the article with your friends and leave feedback but note that it is accessible only on Minecraft PE 1.14 or other later game versions.
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