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Addon GolemsPLUS 1.13
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Addon GolemsPLUS 1.13

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Addon GolemsPLUS adds a lot of new, strong golems, including a three-headed Boss Golem whom you will have to fight with, to your Minecraft PE worlds.

Features of addon GolemsPLUS

Each of the below-listed golems have their own, individual features and abilities. Let’s see what kind of golems you will get by installing the present addon:
  • The Wood Golem which is being transformed into a Charred Wood Golem in case it is struck by lightning

  • The Rusty Golem is the result of an Iron Golem struck by lightning
  • The Overgrown Golem, having the same features as the Iron Golem, but looking much better

  • The Lapis Golem
  • The Gold Golem
  • The Emerald Golem
  • The Diamond Golem

  • The Slime Golem comes in three different sizes in case the player uses a spawn egg. It jumps around, just like the Slime does.
  • The Wither Golem is the boss golem we mentioned in the beginning. It has the same features as the Wither Boss. It also summons skeletons and wither golem heads, which, in their turn can give the player a wither effect.

  • The Frozen Golem gives the player a slowness effect
  • The Mushroom Golem gives the player a regen effect
  • The Sandy Golem gives the player a blindness effect
  • The Nether Golem summons fire
  • The Ender Golem is able to teleport in no time in any location, so take care, it can be rather unpredictable.
  • The Obsidian Golem

Some of the above-mentioned golems you will need some upgrades. They can be crafted as shown in the pictures below.

The creator of this addon also introduced a custom Iron Golem, but it does not spawn like usual. It has to be created using the crafting table.
Before hitting the download button, we recommend you to watch the video trailer below, in order to learn how to craft these golems and to find out more details about them.
Please use this addon with Experimental Gameplay enabled, otherwise it just won’t work.
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Video Trailer of Addon GolemsPLUS

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