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Addon Sword Art Online 1.14
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Addon Sword Art Online 1.14

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We have already published many articles on sword crafting, for example, Addon Advanced Swords and Addon Obsidian Tools, but if this is your favorite weapon in MCPE, there can’t be too many recipes for crafting them, right? In addition to the new swords and several new blocks, Addon Sword Art Online provides stunning textures and a special health bar.

Features of addon Sword Art Online.

Like we already mentioned, the addon is provided with a nice texture pack and a health bar looking like the ones used when fighting with the Ender Dragon.

And of course, the swords and blocks are the addon’s basis. Below you can see the ingredients necessary to craft the swords and their recipes:
  • Wootz steel ore

  • Melt obsidian

  • Wootz steel
    Addon Sword Art Online 1.14

  • Melt obsidian ingot

  • Crystalite

And now, let us see some pictures and crafting recipes for the seven new swords:
  • The Excalibur

  • The Elucidator

  • The Dark repulser

  • The Lambent light

  • The Liberator

  • The Tyrant Dragon

  • A mistery sword with no name

In case you are not in the mood to craft, you can obtain all the above-listed swords by using the /function getallswords command. To get a specific sward, item, or block, use /give @p xd: required item, for example,/give @p xd: dark_repulser
To be able to use Addon Sword Art Online, make sure about two things:
  1. Turn on Experimental Gameplay
  2. Install Minecraft PE 1.14 or any of the other later versions.

To start using this addon, download it by clicking on the buttons below the article.
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