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Addon Project: Beach 1.13
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Addon Project: Beach 1.13

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Addon Project: Beach makes beaches more interesting and fun by adding a number of entities, items, blocks and much more.

Features of addon Project: Beach

The addon adds several crafting recipes for the next items:
  • Bananas
  • Banana leaves
  • Coconuts
  • Young coconuts
  • Coconut fiber
  • Raw and cooked crab meat
  • Crab shells
  • Crab shell swords

The addon also brings two naturally generated structures, namely banana and coconut trees. These trees can be used to obtain banana leaves, logs, and these logs in their turn are used to obtain planks. Further, the planks can be used to create blocks, crafting tables, and sticks.
In addition to everything described above, you will meet new entities:
  • Banana tree boats and coconut tree boats. These boats can be road and their paddles are movable.

  • Coconut tree signs and banana tree signs
  • Shore crabs which are quite pretty (check the video below the article), but might attack, having an attack damage of two.

If you are ready to visit a better, updated beach and do some crafting, click on the download button below, share the article with your friends and leave feedback.
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Video of Addon Project: Beach

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