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Addon Mythology Monsters 1.13
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Addon Mythology Monsters 1.13

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If you are a mythology fun, you will be glad about meeting several mythological creatures in your Minecraft world. Addon Mythology Monsters brings the most known-about ones, but don’t get too carried away by their interesting appearance, because some of them might attack you!

Features of addon Mythology Monsters

By installing the present addon, your Minecraft PE world will achieve seven new mythology representatives. These are the Mermaid, the Kraken, the Minotaur, the Satiro, the Cerberus, the Cyclope and last but not least, the Centaur!
Mermaids are very beautiful and peaceful. Their health is of six and they like spending time in the oceans.

The Kraken is another water character, but it prefers the seas over the oceans. It has a health of fifteen and a damaging attack of six.

Minotaurs are very strong and dangerous. Their victims are usually players, iron golems, and zombies. They have a health of fifteen and attack damage of four. Minotaurs can be found in any biome, but only during nighttime.

Satiro, unlike the previously described mob, likes hanging around during the daytime. It represents a funny half-goat, half-man character. It has a health of ten and attack damage of three, but you shouldn’t fear it, because it prefers to attack only iron golems and villagers.

The Cerberus is the famous three-headed wolf. Its home is the Nether and its favorite thing to do is attacking pigs, iron golems, Centaurs (see description below) and of course, players. It has a health of twelve and attack damage of fifteen.

Cyclopes are huge monsters having only one eye. Just like the Minotaurs, they prefer the nighttime and also can be found in any existing MCPE biomes. Their targets are the same as those of the Cerberus.

Centaurs, regardless of their noble appearance, are very aggressive. These half-horse, half-man creatures attack iron golems, Cyclops, and players. They can be found anywhere and prefer going out during nighttime. The Centaurs have a health of fifteen and an attack damage of three.

Are you ready to meet all of the above-listed mobs? If you are, watch the video trailer below, click on the download button, share with your friends and leave feedback.
If you want to meet with other interesting mobs, we recommend you to explore our Mods section. Our website also provides a lot of new texture packs, skins, and maps. Here you can also download the latest Minecraft PE versions. Have fun!

Video Trailer of Addon Mythology Monsters

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