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Addon Recipe Randomizer 1.13
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Addon Recipe Randomizer 1.13

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If you are planning to craft something specific in Minecraft PE, Addon Recipe Randomizer is definitely what you are looking for. This addon was developed to do the opposite, which is mixing all the existing vanilla crafting recipe and their expected results.

How does addon Recipe Randomizer work

Supposing you are collecting ingredients and work on your crafting table using a recipe for iron swords. After everything is done, instead of obtaining the sword, you are getting some stone stairs. Sounds crazy but if you are in for some out of the ordinary entertainment, you are going to have a lot of fun!
All the vanilla crafting recipes you are familiar with are present in this addon, except those of the oak planks and wooden tools.

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To download Addon Recipe Randomizer, use the button below the article and share all this fun with your friends. You are also welcome to leave feedback and tell us about your impressions.
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As a bonus, we recommend you to take a sneak peek in the future and read about Minecraft 1.15.0, a version planned to be released at the beginning of the next year. Have a good time!

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