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Addon Conveyor Blocks 1.13
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Addon Conveyor Blocks 1.13

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There are very many ways to interact with blocks in MCPE and you can find a lot of cool suggestions in our Mods section, and today we want to introduce you to a new one. With Addon Conveyor Blocks you will learn how to create escalators, conveyors and even portals to transport the items and mobs in your world easier.

How does addon Conveyor Blocks work

You can use this addon both in Creative and in Survival game modes. If you choose Creative, all the steel conveyor blocks will be in your Creative menu, but if you prefer Survival, you will have to learn how to craft them.

The directional conveyor blocks will move faster if the weight of the entities is lighter. For example, if you choose to transport items, the conveyor blocks will move with a speed of 0.6 blocks per second and with a speed of 0.1 blocks per second if transporting mobs and players. In case of the mobs and players, the blocks can be lifted.
Examples of escalators:
Upwards escalator is meant to transport items and mobs upwards. Do not place any conveyors on the yellow blocks (see picture below).

Downwards escalator is meant to transport items and mobs downwards. The player can place conveyor blocks underneath this escalator so that they face the direction the escalator goes to.

This addon also brings End Conveyors. They are made of transmitters and receivers. Both of them should have the same color. The first works as a transmitter of data that has to be teleported and the second as the final destination of this data. To understand how this works, take a look at the picture below and pay attention to the colors of the receiver and transmitter blocks.

And now, let us switch to the crafting recipes:
North steel conveyor blocks will transport items to the north

South steel conveyor blocks will transport items to the south

West steel conveyor blocks will transport items to the west

East steel conveyor blocks will transport items to the east

Steel blocks are made of forged iron blocks and are very strong. To craft them, you will need nine iron steel ingots

The Transmitter is crafted from four iron steel ingots, N, S, W, and E steel conveyor blocks, and an Eye of Ender

The Receiver is crafted from four iron steel ingots and N, S, W, and E steel conveyor blocks

You should have noticed that you will need iron steel ingots. See pictures below to learn how to obtain them using iron ingots.

Important! Turn on Experimental Gameplay for this addon to work.
If you are ready to try Addon Conveyor Blocks, click on the download button below the article, share it with your friends and leave feedback.
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