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Addon More TNT 1.13
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Addon More TNT 1.13

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Explosives are not quite environment-friendly, but they are very helpful in Minecraft PE sometimes, so Addon More TNT helps us get and apply more than twenty different ones.

How to use addon More TNT

The addon uses custom entities and items, this meaning that the developed explosives will not substitute anything in your MCPE world.
All the available explosives have spawn eggs, which makes them very easy to access.
The listed-below TNTs explode when they come in contact with fire or explosions coming from other sources. They can be lit using a flint and steel:
  • TNT x2 having a power six
  • TNT x4 having power twelve
  • TNT x8 having power twenty-four
  • Dynamite is spreadable. It also has power twenty-four
  • C4 is best used for rocket-jumping. It has power four and it explodes immediately after being lighted
  • Napalm spreads fire and has power two
  • Cryocharge does not break blocks but has other interesting features. It turns water into ice, lava into cobblestone and freezes all entities around it. Its power is three
  • Sticky Bomb. When detonated, it sticks to any surface. Has varied fuse time and its power is three
  • Nuke is very powerful. Its power is forty-eight. It is spreadable and provokes a mushroom cloud that poisons all the entities around it.
  • Bedrock Buster, like its name suggests, breaks bedrock. Its power is six and it spreads the fire.

The next explosive should be thrown in order to explode. Just sneak and aim while holding them.
  • Caber has power three
  • TNT sticks may have power of up to twenty-four
  • Frag Grenade’s fuse gets lit only when it is thrown. It has power five and does not break blocks. Instead, it fragment particles.
  • Smoke Grenade doesn’t break blocks either. Instead, it makes all the entities around go blind.
  • Stun Grenade also has no power to break blocks but it freezes the entities around it. Its power is one.
  • Dynamite stick has power five
  • Tear Gas works like the smoke grenade, but the entities around it, in addition to getting blind also get nauseous.
  • Generic Bomb’s fuse gets lit when it is thrown and its power is five
  • Molotov has power two and spreads fire when thrown
  • Potassium Charge explodes when it gets wet and its power is four
  • Phosphorous Charge makes all the entities around it go blind and gets damage
  • Singularity Shell does not break blocks but it sucks all the entities around it into a hole where they get destroyed. Note that players can suffer from it too.

In addition to all the above-mentioned explosives, the addon also brings four launchers that can be activated by sneaking too:
  • Launcher Luft Three
  • Launcher Luft Six
  • Launcher Luft Twelve
  • Launcher Luft Twenty-four

Whenever a launcher is used, you will get an empty one in return.

If you want to place any of the available TNTs, use “item ground (More TNT)” with any object from this addon to see them.

Now, if you are not worried about keeping such a wide range of explosives, download Addon More TNT by clicking on the button below, share it with your friends and leave feedback.
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    the placeable tnt is telleporting out of where i want it to be just like a shulker and you cant break the place able tnt
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