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Addon Cave ++ 1.13
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Addon Cave ++ 1.13

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Addon Cave ++ was created to make mining more fun and meaningful in Minecraft PE. Besides custom ores, you will find precious new ones which you can use in crafting new alloys.

Features of addon Cave ++

By mining in caves with Addon Cave ++, you have all the chances to discover the following ores:
  • Silver
  • Astral Silver
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Tin
  • Manganese
  • Platinum
  • Deep Iron
  • Prometheum
  • Oureclase
  • Infuscolium
  • Mithril
  • Carmot
  • Orichalcum
  • Rubracium
  • Atlarus
  • Adamantine

By combining custom and above-listed ores, you can obtain the following alloys:
  • Bronze obtained by combining copper and tin
  • Tartarite obtained by combining atlarus and adamantine
  • Celenegil obtained by combining platinum and orichalcum
  • Quicksilver obtained by combining silver and mithril
  • Haderoth obtained by combining rubracium and mithril
  • Electrum obtained by combining silver and gold
  • Black colored steel obtained by combining infuscolium and deep iron
  • Hepatizon obtained by combining gold and bronze
  • Brass obtained by combining copper and zinc
  • Steel obtained by combining iron and manganese
  • Angmallen obtained by combining iron and gold
  • Damascus Steel obtained by combining bronze and iron

Every alloy and ore in this addon has its own bricks and blocks. Moreover, almost all of them have their own swords too. Depending on the material they belong to, the swords have different durability and attack damage. The sword with the highest durability is the tartarite one. This sword also has the biggest attack damage.
Here are also some crafting recipes for you to try with Addon Cave ++.
Transforming ingots into blocks and vice versa:

Transforming ingots into bricks and vice versa:

Crafting recipe for swords (the same as for custom ones):

Obtaining an ingot from an ore:

Crafting alloys:

Important: Make sure to enable experimental gameplay mode!
If you want to do some mining and experiment with the above-described ores, download the addon by using the button below this article.
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    4 November 2019 00:54
    it would be so cool to see armor and other tools added to this mod, it would make it so much better
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    well would you look at that its matthias
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