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Addon Stardew Valley Collectibles 1.13
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Addon Stardew Valley Collectibles 1.13

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Addon Stardew Valley Collectibles was inspired by the awesome simulation game with the same name. Today you can collect and manage a lot of artifacts, minerals, and fish in your Minecraft PE world. Besides this, you will be able to find a lot of coins diamonds, and emeralds which you can spend as you like.

How to use addon Stardew Valley Collectibles

Like we mentioned at the beginning of the article, you can collect artifacts, minerals, and fish now. Each of these collectible will be obtained in different ways:
The artifacts are hidden in treasure chests. To find them, explore the sunken ships, the dungeons, the temples and other places where you can usually find chests.

The minerals can be only obtained by breaking geodes. The only way to obtain these geodes is to “make a change” with the stonecutter (shipping bin).
Evidently, fish can be caught by fishing. There are almost fifty available kinds of fish, including Stardew Valley fish.

In the future, the creator of this addon intends to improve it and to add more collectibles like crops and foods and more ways of collecting them, like minerals being spawned naturally.
In case you collect too many items of the same kind, you can sell them to the stonecutter.
Addon Stardew Valley Collectibles 1.13

  1. It is recommendable to use Addon Stardew Valley Collectibles in a newly created world.
  2. Enable Experimental gameplay mode.

If you want to try Addon Stardew Valley Collectibles, use the button below the article to download it, share it with your Minecraft PE friends and leave feedback.
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