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Addon More Drops 1.13
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Addon More Drops 1.13

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Addon More Drops brings almost twenty new drops in Minecraft PE. These new drops look like they would be in vanilla Minecraft. Some of them can be consumed as they are, this way obtaining nutrition, absorption, strength, etc and some are used in crafting recipes to create even cooler items.

Features of addon More Drops

Now let us find out what drops will you have the chance to obtain with addon More Drops:
Flesh, dropped by destroyed Villagers will give you nutrition 1 if you consume five pieces, but be careful. You will also get nausea 10 for half a minute. If cooked in a furnace, it turns into leather.

Raw bacon, dropped by destroyed pigs, will give you nutrition 2. It can turn into bacon if cooked in a furnace or on a campfire.
Addon More Drops 1.13

Bacon, which is cooked on a campfire, furnace, or smoker raw bacon, will give you nutrition 7 if you consume 3.5 pieces of them. You will also get regen 2 for fifteen seconds.

Bone shards, dropped by Skeletons, are used in crafting. Use the crafting grid to bind two bone shards, thus obtaining a bone meal.

Spider fangs, obtained from spiders are also used in crafting. By combining a spider fang with a water bottle, you will get a potion giving poison 2 for twenty-two seconds.

Zombie Brains can be dropped either from zombies or from zombie villagers. Consume five pieces to get nutrition 1. It also gives fatal poison 2, nausea 2 and hunger 2 for half a minute.

Cooked brain, which is cooked in a furnace zombie brain will give you absorption 4 for half a minute and strength 3 for one and a half minutes.

Bat wings, dropped by bats will give you slow falling 2 for five whole minutes.

Raw squids, dropped by (naturally) squids will give you nutrition 2 and poison 1 for ten seconds.

Calamari is actually cooked in a furnace, smoker or on a campfire raw squids. A piece of calamari will give you nutrition 7.

Cat fur, obtained from cats, if mixed with a water bottle will give you a cat potion.

Ocelot fur, dropped by ocelots will also give you a cat potion if mixed with a water bottle.

The Cat potion (see above how to obtain it) gives players jump boost 2, speed 3 and slow falling one for three minutes.

Bone blades, crafted by combining six bone shards (details above) can be used in crafting bone swords.

Bone sword, obtained by combining two bone blades and a stick (see recipe below) gives a +5.5 attack

An ice bone, obtained by combining two bones and two pieces of ice, offers +1 attack.

Rainbow feathers dropped by parrots have no value for the player, but if you trade with the fletcher, you will get up to twelve emeralds.

Charred bones are dropped by Wither Skeletons. Unfortunately, the creators did not mention for what it is used yet.

Dragon wings are dropped in pairs by Wither dragons. If you mix two such wings with two phantom membranes and a string, you will get Elytra (see crafting recipe below).

Besides the above-listed items, you will also see that the Snow Golems now drop up to two sticks, the Iron ones drop an iron block and up to two vines and that villagers drop one emerald (not always).
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