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Addon Health Booster V2 1.13
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Addon Health Booster V2 1.13

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Are you playing in Survival mode and are always at risk of losing hearts? Addon Health Booster V2 is here to help!

How does addon Health Booster V2 work

Addon Health Booster V2 brings some recipes for crafting different hearts so your player never gets out of health.
For starters, we will make a heart by placing four totems of undying on the crafting table. By eating it, your player will obtain two hearts (see pictures below).
Addon Health Booster V2 1.13

If you want more, get a heart [5] by placing five hearts that we earned to craft in the previous receipt. By eating heart [5], the player will get five health hearts (see pictures below)

If even this is not enough, let us tell you how to craft a heart [10] that will give your player ten extra hearts. For crafting it, place two hearts [5] on the crafting table (see pictures below).

If you and your player need a health boost, download the addon by clicking on the button below, share it with your friends and leave feedback.
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