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Addon Loot Crates 1.13
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Addon Loot Crates 1.13

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Imagine walking in a specific biome and all of a sudden finding a big crate with loot? What a pleasant and useful surprise! Addon Loot Crates generates chests made of wood in biomes like the plains biome, savanna, and forest.

How does addon Loot Crates work

There are six different crates with loot spawning in MCPE biomes. The crates are made of different kinds of wood and each of them will spawn in a suitable biome. For example, the spruce crate can be found in the taiga, the acacia crate in the savanna and the oak one in plains biome.
Available kinds of crates:
  • Oak crates (spawning in plains biomes)
  • Birch crates (the same as the previous one)
  • Spruce crates (spawning in taiga biomes)
  • Jungle wood crates (spawning in jungle biomes)
  • Dark oak crates (spawning in forest biomes)
  • Acacia crates (spawning in savanna biomes)

As soon as you find a specific chest (crate), you can open it with an axe and use the loot inside it.

In case you find an empty crate, don’t get upset. It can be used as a chest for hold and transport different items. Each of these chests has 27 inventory slots. To open the chests, use long tap on the ground.

We are sure you do not want to miss the possibility of adding the above-listed crates in your Minecraft PE world, so download the addon by clicking on the behavior and resource buttons below, share it with your friends and leave feedback.
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