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Addon SCP Foundation 1.13
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Addon SCP Foundation 1.13

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If the existing hostile mobs are not enough for you and you would like to face new ones with different abilities and features, why not try Addon SCP Foundation? It brings five absolutely amazing bad characters that you will have to try hard to defeat.

Features of addon SCP Foundation

By installing addon SCP Foundation, you will meet the following mobs:
The SCP 173: an evil mob that likes to kill players by snapping their necks. Their weak side is that they are not able to move if the player looks at them.

The SCP 049, also called Plague Doctor is another hostile mob that is able to turn ordinary villagers into zombie villagers. It also gives the player the wither effect.

The SCP 682 represents an absolutely insane reptile killing everyone it meets on its way. It also kills other SCP 682s. This one is a very strong mob, its health being of one million.

The SCP 053 is a seemingly sweet little girl, but she gives players a heart attack when they get too near to her. The girl’s health is of twenty.

The SCP 939 is able to imitate the sounds made by all humanoids and mobs. It is an always hungry mob and it eats any creature on its way.
The SCP 939s health is of one hundred and its attack damage of twelve. If you are able to kill it, this mob will make a terrifying sound.

If you are not afraid to bring the above-listed mobs into your MCPE world, go on and push the download button below the article, share it with your friends and leave feedback.
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