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Addon New Mob: Octapede 1.13
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Addon New Mob: Octapede 1.13

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The Octapede is one of newest MCPE mobs brought to us by Addon New Mob: Octapede. It is a pretty hostile creature, but once tamed, it becomes as loyal as a dog pet.

How to use addon New Mob: Octapede

If you can’t even imagine what kind of character the Octapede is, let us describe it to you and provide several photos and a video of it.
The Octapede represents an enormous creature slightly resembling the Centipede, It has eight legs. It spawns as an individual entity both during the nights and the daytime.
Take good care, because the Centipede is a very dangerous mob and might destroy you in no time, but if you will succeed to tame it, you will obtain a very loyal friend that you can ride inside caves and into battles. Because the favorite food of this animal is rotten flesh, it makes sense to try to domesticate it using this product.
Besides the fact that it is able to take its owner into battles and inside caves, the Centipede has incredible speed and is very brave in fighting hostile mobs and entities protecting other players.
Note: We don’t recommend riding this pet underwater since it will drown.

If you are not afraid to make friends with such a scary animal, download Addon New Mob: Octapede using the button below the article, share it with all your Minecraft PE friends and leave feedback.
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