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Addon More Weapon Evolve 1.13
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Addon More Weapon Evolve 1.13

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The acquisition of a new weapon is always an event and today Addon More Weapon Evolve offers you not one, but six of them. All the available weapons have endless durability and strong damage attack.

Features of addon More Weapon Evolve

Below you can see the characteristics and crafting recipes for all the available weapons:
The Cursed Axe has an attack damage of fifteen and to craft it, you will need netherrack and a stick.

The Hell Mace is just a bit weaker than the previous weapon having an attack damage of fourteen, but it definitely looks very impressing. For crafting, get some redstone dust and a stick.

The Monk Cleaver’s attack damage is of eleven. Craft it using obsidian and a stick.

The Polearm has an attack damage of seven. The crafting recipe requires lapis lazuli and (guess what?) a stick.

The Sun Sword has the same attack damage as the Hell Mace, but for crafting it you will need end stones and a stick.

And last but not least is the Rune Sword with an attack damage of fifteen and the recipe requiring emeralds and a stick.

Recently, the creator of this addon decided to improve it by adding trial effects fit even for users with low-end devices.
Important: To assure a normal work of this addon, make sure to enable Experimental mode.
If you can’t wait to hold one of the above-described weapons in your hands, download the addon by clicking on the buttons below the article, share it with your friends and leave feedback.
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