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Addon MoreApples 1.12
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Addon MoreApples 1.12

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We all know that there is one kind of apple in Minecraft PE at the moment, and that is the apple obtained from the golden ore. If you want to try more kinds of apples that offer the player a lot of advantages like extra strength, fire resistance, and speed boost, Addon MoreApples will be of much help.

How does addon MoreApples work

With Addon MoreApples, each MCPE user can craft one or more apples from the 15 ones available. All the presented apples have their own status effects. These status effects, as well as the crafting recipes for each kind of available apples, are displayed below:

By placing an obtained enchanted apple and an ore corresponding to the apple’s type, you will get what is shown in the illustration below:
Enchanted iron apple and iron

Enchanted emerald apple and emerald

Enchanted diamond apple and diamond

Enchanted Redstone apple and Redstone

Enchanted lapis apple and lapis

Enchanted obsidian apple and obsidian

Enchanted coal apple and coal

Enchanted quartz apple and quartz

Important! Addon MoreApples was developed to work only on Minecraft PE 1.12 and later versions. If your game version is older, make sure to install a required one by accessing our Download Minecraft section.
As you can see, only by using Addon MoreApples your player can get a very wide range of advantages, so download it now (see a download button below the article), inform your friends about it and make sure to leave feedback.
When you are done with this, you can explore more mods and other cool Minecraft stuff like textures, maps, and skins by visiting our website.

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