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Addon Mario Power-Ups 1.10
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Addon Mario Power-Ups 1.10

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Addon Mario Power-Ups is an addon that is going to give twelve items incredible powers and level of powers. All the items are designed to look like Mario power-ups and this makes the addon even more attractive.

Features of addon Mario Power-Ups

The effects and levels of the provided items are definitely going to surprise you. We will describe just several of them. In order to discover the whole list, download Addon Mario Power-Ups by clicking on the buttons below this article.
By downloading the addon, you will benefit from:
  • A super Feather, level three slow falling. The effect works for 900 seconds.
  • A speed Mushroom which speed level is five and it works also for 900 seconds.
  • Gravity Mushroom offering levitation powers of the third level for 10 seconds.
  • Combat Mushrooms giving the player strength of level seven for 300 seconds.
  • Obsidian Flower giving you fire resistance of the 255 level and lasts for 900 seconds.
  • Moon which makes you see in darkness (night vision) of the 255 level that also lasts for 900 seconds.
  • Super spring power-up that gives you the fifth level jumping that lasts for 500 seconds.

To become even more powerful, you can craft some items using recipes. For example, to obtain a Super Spring, you will have to combine a Super Mushroom, a Piston and a Slime block or for obtaining a Poison mushroom you will have to combine a super mushroom, a spider eye and a quartz block.

As you can see, the presented addon will make you much more powerful and will offer you the chance to spend your time in a fun and useful way.
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Note: Addon Mario Power-Ups works only on MCPE 1.12 beta and later versions. You can download any version you need here.
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