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Addon WorldEdit 1.12
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Addon WorldEdit 1.12

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Addon WorldEdit, created by Momiyama, is actually a world edit script. With its help, you can save a lot of time building houses quickly. For their construction, you will need only the required materials and the present addon.

How does addon WorldEdit work

Addon WorldEdit is very easy to use, but first note that it will work only in case you are in survival mode and the experimental gameplay is enabled.
To start building, place the wanted block (for example, a wooden block) on the far left end of your hot bar and tap it with a Stick. This block will be the first one of your installation. To finish it, tap a similar block again. This way your block will be consumed and the installation finished. You can try to use other items for this task too, but the installation will not last and will fall.
Whether you succeed to build or not, a log will be displayed in the chat.

Note: Addon WorldEdit works only on Minecraft Bedrock 1.12 and newer versions of this game. You can find any required version here.
To start using the present addon, download it by clicking on the button below the article, tell your friends and leave feedback.
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