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Addon SearMr’s Robot  1.10
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Addon SearMr’s Robot 1.10

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Addon SearMr’s Robot introduces three cool robots that fortunately do not replace any entity to your Minecraft PE game. All of them are quite strong and are meant to make your Minecraft adventures safer and more interesting.

Features of addon SearMr’s Robot

All three presented robots are very cool. Let us find out about their individual features:
The Robot usually spawns not far from the rivers. Players can tame it by using redstone. As soon as the Robot is tamed, it can be bred with gold. To grow the Robot from a baby to an adult one, you will have to feed it with iron. It has the ability to shoot up to five arrows per second, but only when it is tamed. If necessary, the Robot can be healed by using diamonds.

Giant Robot:
Like the first Robot, the Giant Robot spawns not far from the rivers, but very rarely. This Robot has two stages: in the first one its health is of 100 and the attack damage of 10 and in the second one its health is of 200 and the attack damage of 20. To get from stage one to stage two, you will have to use a Nether star. The Giant Robot has the ability to attack all the known mobs, except for the Creeper.

The Turrent was introduced recently, in the latest addon update. Its health is of 200 and it attacks all existing mobs by using arrows. The Turrent can be obtained by three methods: using a spawn egg, creative or by command (/summon searmr:turrent). Because the creator of the addon is not fully satisfied with this mob, he promises to introduce some changes related to it in the near future.

If you want to have these three robots in your MCPE world, download the addon by clicking on the button below the article, share with your friends and leave feedback.
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