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Addon NewBreads! 1.12
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Addon NewBreads! 1.12

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Addon NewBreads! represents an awesome addon to help you craft three very useful breads. These breads will help you to speed up, to become immune to almost any damage and to summon illnesses.

How does addon NewBreads! work

In order to craft any of the above-mentioned breads, you will need magic powder. You should place it along with some ordinary bread on the crafting table to give the breads a special effect (see picture below).

The crafted speed bread will make you faster for a while after consuming it (see the crafting recipe below).

The crafted super bread will make the player immune to any damage for the next ten seconds after consuming it (see the crafting recipe below).

The suspicious bread cannot be crafted, but you can obtain it by killing a Witch. The dead Witch will drop the suspicious bread that has the power to summon an illness. In case you combine the suspicious bread with magic powder, it will turn into ordinary bread.

Note: This addon works only on Minecraft PE 1.12 and later versions of the game. In case you use an older version, you can download the required one here.
For checking the described breads, download the addon by clicking on the download button below the article, share with your friends and leave feedback.
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