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Addon Vanill-Ehh 1.10
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Addon Vanill-Ehh 1.10

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Addon Vanill-Ehh represents a very useful and comfortable to use mod. It will add ten cube formed mobs. Players can either use them as storage, each of them having the capacity of 27 slots, or they can kill them to obtain diverse blocks (see details below). The mentioned blocks can also be obtained by trading something with the mobs.

Features of addon Vanill-Ehh

Edu Mob: if killed, the mob will drop different educational items like an element constructor, a laboratory table or a chemistry table, an underwater torch, etc. If you choose to switch items with the mob, you can offer it a crafting table in exchange to a compound creator, after to a material reducer, later to an element constructor and finally to a lab table.
Elements Mob: This mob works just like the Edu Mob, but in case it is not enabled, all the dropped blocks will miss some textures and will look similar to each other.
Plant Life Mob: When killed, the mob drops unused flowers and plants that cannot be obtained otherwise. If you choose to switch items with the mob, you can offer a poppy in exchange to an unused poppy.
Spawn Eggs Mob: Drops unused spawn eggs (for example the tnt spawn egg). The good thing about the dropped items is that they have correct names and the bad thing is that they do not support custom textures, therefore they will look black.
Wooden Slabs Mod: Once killed, the mob drops wooden and double wooden slabs. In case you offer it any kind of plank, it will give you a double slab back.
Redstone Mob: As its name suggests, the mob drops modded redstone compounds (unlit redstone torch, redstone ore). If you give a repeater, a comparator or a daylight sensor to this mob, it will give you back the same items, but powered.
Unused Blocks Mob: Is able to drop items (blocks) with an unused id. If you give it any blocks with a used id, it will give you back blocks with unused id. The blocks offered by this mob don’t have textures, so you can feel free to retexture them at your liking.
Modded Natural Blocks Mob: If killed, drops modified custom items, for example, lava or water. If you choose to switch with the mob, you will obtain still water in exchange to a custom bucket of water, or flowing water in exchange to still water, etc.
Modded Crafted Block Mob. The mob drops an already lit furnace, nether reactor block or wall signs. You can offer the mob any unlit above-mentioned items and it will light them for you. Also, by offering the mob a diamond you will obtain a nether reactor.

In this addon you can use the next functions:
/function good_effects – is able to offer you good effects (for example Hero of the Village)
/function unused_blocks – spawns a shulker box for the unused blocks.

To download Addon Vanill-Ehh, click on the download button below the article, share with your friends and leave feedback.
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