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Addon +Golems 1.10
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Addon +Golems 1.10

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Addon +Golems brings a number of new Golems to your Minecraft PE game. Each presented Golem, of course, resembles the custom one, but also has individual characteristics and look to differentiate him from the other ones.

Features of addon +Golems

Now it is time to meet the new Golems. They are divided in categories: Golden Golems (the Golden Golem), Minion Golems (the Emerald Golem, the Diamond Golem) and Forgotten Golems (the Diamond Golem, the Forgotten Golem, the Vined Forgotten Golem, the Obsidian Golem, the Grass Golem, the Stone Golem, and the Snow Golem). As you can see, some Golems may refer to more than one category.

The Golden Golem is bigger and stronger than the custom one, his health being of 120 hearts. He is quite fast in his movements. The Golden Golem is neutral.

The Emerald Golem is very small and weak. He is also neutral.

The Diamond Golem’s health is of 150 hearts. He is fast and strong.

The Forgotten Golem’s health is of 70 hearts. He is hostile and strong, but quite slow in his movements.

The Vined Forgotten Golem is large and hostile, but quite slow in his movements. He can be both weak and strong.

The Obsidian Golem’s health is of 200 hearts, this one being considered the strongest one from our list. He is very big in size and moves either quickly or slowly.

The Grass Golem’s health is of 50 hearts. He is quite foolish, weak and slow.

The Stone Golem’s health is of 120 hearts. He is neutral. The Stone Golem is strong but quite slow.

The Snow Golem is also neutral. His health is of 140 hearts. He is big and strong and his movements are both fast and slow.

If you want to see the above mentioned Golems in action, download the presented addon by clicking on the button below, share with friends and leave feedback.
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    6 May 2019 10:43
    Hello, i'm new to Minecraft. After installing addon how i can summon new golem inside the game? Thank you
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