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Addon Curse of Fun 1.10
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Addon Curse of Fun 1.10

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We are all used to the fact that mobs are hostile and attack. With Addon Curse of Fun, the mood of the mobs is quite different.

How does addon Curse of Fun work

First, we will talk about how these creatures appear. They can be spawned using eggs or they can be summoned by using the /summon curse_of_fun: command. If you choose this option, after typing the already mentioned command, you will see the list of available mobs on which this addon works. Here is the list of mobs that you can summon this way:
  • Chicken
  • Cow
  • Creeper
  • Enderman
  • Horse
  • Villager
  • Steve
  • Alex
All these mobs look exactly as usual, but they are peaceful and all they do is just walk around. If killed, they drop the same items that the custom ones do.
Note: Because the presented mobs spawn everywhere, the possibility of custom mobs to spawn decreases considerably. If you want to check for yourself what these mobs are like, download the free Behavior and Resource packs by clicking the buttons below. Do not forget to share with friends and why not? Use your fantasy to manage these nice mobs. We would appreciate your feedback. For other fun and interesting mods, as well as maps, texture packs, and skins visit our website. Here you will also find the latest MCPE versions.

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