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Addon Mini Mob-Grinder 1.10
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Addon Mini Mob-Grinder 1.10

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Addon Mini Mob-Grinder brings an absolutely fantastic machine to your Minecraft gameplay. Now, instead of using the massive mob farms and grinders, you can obtain wonderful results with a compact machine that adds only one single entity to your game. The results of any combination listed below will be compressed in one single block.

A surprise feature of this mini grinder is that it allows you to craft spawn eggs!

How does addon Mini Mob-Grinder work

Let us start with the most pleasant part: the spawn eggs. For obtaining them, the player needs to place an ordinary egg (from an ordinary hen). After this is done, mix it with the needed item and the grinder will start working. Below you can read all the combinations this little machine is able to offer:
  • A Spawn egg + cat = a string
  • A Spawn egg + blaze = blaze power
  • A Spawn egg + chicken = raw chicken
  • A Spawn egg + spider = a spider eye
  • A Spawn egg + cave spider = a fermented spider eye
  • A Spawn egg + creeper = gunpowder
  • A Spawn egg + cow = raw beef
  • A Spawn egg + pig = raw pork chop
  • A Spawn egg + drowned = a Trident
  • A Spawn egg + dolphin = sea grass
  • A Spawn egg + Enderman = an Ender pearl
  • A Spawn egg + Elder Guardian = a wet sponge
  • A Spawn egg + Evoker = the Totem of Undying
  • A Spawn egg + ghast = a ghast tear
  • A Spawn egg + fish = Cod fish
  • A Spawn egg + horse = a hay block
  • A Spawn egg + Guardian = Prismarine crystal
  • A Spawn egg + magma cube = magma cream
  • A Spawn egg + llama = sweet berries
  • A Spawn egg + panda = bamboo
  • A Spawn egg + parrot = a feather
  • A Spawn egg + mushroom = a red mushroom
  • A Spawn egg + Phantom = a Phantom membrane
  • A Spawn egg + rabbit = a white rabbit
  • A Spawn egg + pufferfish = pufferfish
  • A Spawn egg + polar bear = ice
  • A Spawn egg + Pillager = a crossbow
  • A Spawn egg + Skeleton = a Skeleton skull
  • A Spawn egg + a Shulker = a shulker shell
  • A Spawn egg + sheep = raw mutton
  • A Spawn egg + sea turtle = a scute
  • A Spawn egg + salmon = salmon
  • A Spawn egg + tropical fish = clownfish
  • A Spawn egg + stray = arrow of slowness
  • A Spawn egg + squid = an ink sac
  • A Spawn egg + slime = a slimeball
  • A Spawn egg + skeleton horse = a bone
  • A Spawn egg + skeleton pigman = a gold nugget
  • A Spawn egg + a zombie horse = rotting flesh
  • A Spawn egg + Zombie = a zombie head
  • A Spawn egg + Wither skeleton = a Wither skeleton skull
  • A Spawn egg + witch = a glass bottle
  • A Spawn egg + Vindicator = an iron axe.

As you can see, there is a very big number of possibilities this mini grind offers. Now you can avoid killing mobs for obtaining one of the listed above results. All you have to do is insert the required combination into the machine. Also, if you need the spawn egg as an individual item (for example in Survival mode), you can just remove it from there after it was crafted.

Now that you know about the multitude of opportunities the mini mob-grinder brings, it is time to download it by clicking the button below, share with your friends and leave feedback.
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