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Addon Ice Mobs 1.10
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Addon Ice Mobs 1.10

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If you prefer winter games and like playing on icy biomes, Addon Ice Mobs offers you this opportunity by bringing a number of mobs related to this season.

Features of addon Ice Mobs

The mobs presented in this texture pack have similar behavior to the custom hostile mobs, but they all have a week side: they tend to melt during the daytime, because of the warm light. Another feature of all of the presented mobs is that they drop ice blocks if killed.
Available mobs:
  • Ice Mob: Has an appearance similar to the blaze and fights using snowballs.
  • Ice Witch: Just like the Ice, attacks players using snowballs.
  • Ice Skeleton: Has a behavior similar to the Skeleton Wither but uses a diamond sword when attacking.
  • Ice Creeper: has the same behavior as the custom Creeper.

If you are in for some winter fun and don’t fear to face the hostile icy mobs, download the presented addon by clicking the buttons below, share with your friends and leave feedback.
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