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Addon APG Letters 1.10
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Addon APG Letters 1.10

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Imagine being able to write on banners without using any dyes and using any text for buildings without having to use blocks for the letters. Those tasks are not only very unhandy but also create issues related to space in achieving the wanted result. Addon APG Letters will definitely make it easier for you to decorate your buildings and banners with whatever names/texts you choose.

Features of addon APG Letters

Players who are spending a lot of time making letter banners and building letters for storefronts and other similar aims are going to love APG Letters, which is of real help. The letters can be placed anywhere (ceilings, walls, ground) with no much effort.

Unfortunately, there are some features of this add-on that are not very comfortable. You can read about them below, but first of all we want to assure you that the developers are interested in fixing them and will do it as soon as possible, but meanwhile, APG Letters as it is will make your work with letters much easier anyway.
  • The letters are too easy to move which creates a problem with their stability.
  • The letters have only one life each, this meaning you will have to be careful and protect them from griefers.
  • The letters spawn in the center of the blocks, thus making them float on the surface. A solution would be placing them in frames, but they will look too small, so it is up for you to decide.
  • The letters are in a chaotic order in the inventory.

If you want to forget about banners and blocks in using letters for your creations, download addon APG Letters by clicking the button below, share with your friends and leave feedback.
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