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Addon Place me! 1.10
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Addon Place me! 1.10

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Sometimes the inability to place and take items from the ground created a sense of discomfort for some Minecraft players. With Addon Place me! this will not be an issue anymore.

How does addon Place me! work

The players will have about 465 different available items that can be placed on the ground (as well as on the floor, table, shelves, etc) and take them back easily. Some of these items are unique. The best chosen aim for this add-on is the decoration of the player’s worlds.
When thinking about taking any item from the ground, the player will have to kill it, and the item will drop an identical object that can be picked up.
Addon Place me! 1.10

Unfortunately, spawn eggs are not part of the available items to place and take back, since there is not enough information.
Almost all the items are simple, ordinary objects, but some of them make an exception due to their special traits:
• The buckets with lava can glow in the nighttime
• The glowstone and redstone dust have the same ability.
• The eye of Ender is going to stare at the player no matter where he / she is.
• The nether star, the Notch apple and the enchanted books show specific effects.
We are sure that you have been long searching for such an opportunity in Minecraft, so go on, download Addon Place me! by clicking the button below, share with your friends and leave feedback.
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    Stephen Rhean lambat
    9 April 2019 16:19
    I want to download a minecraft because i subscribe your channel

    I want to download the minecraft because i subscribe you channel
    30 August 2019 18:42
    I need this in my life
    25 January 2020 19:23
    You need to make it so food can be placed m8
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